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The sculptures in this collection, Life Support, were built between 2012 and 2013 except for the OCD Bully, which was built in 2010. The figures are all life sized. All artworks, except those already sold or commissioned, are for sale at Saatchi Art.


elemental tempramental
it’s a wind-up
north by northwest
a stiff breeze
the sphinx was right



always in touch
always connected
always online
always available
can’t take it any more



she sits
she does not sit
there is nowhere to sit
best not to mention it
don’t make a fuss, dear
give us a smile


does he fall?
does he rise?
does the mouth feed his stomach?
does the stomach feed the mouth?
life support
you call this life?


fear of the unknown
fear of the known
you call that a knife?
wee timorous beastie
open the box
don’t open the box

Coram Baby

1739: Hogarth becomes a governor of The Foundling Hospital

1751: Hogarth draws satirical work Gin Lane

Coram baby rises from the quagmire


Help Me

a man of power
a man of strength
no leg to stand on
unarmed combat
brother can you spare a dime


what is this trash
not worth nicking
not worth nothing
ain’t no use
ain’t no point

Piss Artist

the cycle of life
pissing in the wind
garbage in, garbage out

OCD Bully

Commissioned by Professor David Veale of the Bethlem Hospital. The sculpture is located in the OCD unit of the hospital, and patients are encouraged to jettison the objects of their obsession into the perspex tube, where they remain visible but unreachable.


this does not compute
this does not compute
user error
abuser error
feed me
C:\ 404 not found


you say you want a revolution
well you know
plug in switch over tune out
fly the flag
fly my flag