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I’ve been creating photomontage illustrations for newspapers and magazines since 1990. There’s no way to encapsulate two and a half decades of work on a single web page, so instead I’ve just picked out some of my personal favourites.

Why politicians shouldn’t try to woo the young, for The Guardian.

The town where they make Viagra, for The Independent. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Brown and Blair make up, for The Guardian.

Feature on placebos, for Reader’s Digest. How do you illustrate something that isn’t there?

Are kids watching too much TV, for The Guardian. Simple ideas rule, once again.

Obama’s Christmas, for Internazionale.

How Top Gear would look if it were presented by women, for Radio Times.

Disposable CEOs, for the Sunday Telegraph.

Seasonal banner for The Independent.

Computers as art, Damien Hirst style, for the Financial Times.

Reworked wedding photo, on request of the bride. Before…

…and after.

Concreting over the countryside, for Reader’s Digest.

Building on the moon, for the Sunday Times Magazine.

The similarity between David Cameron and Nick Clegg, for the Sunday Telegraph. The image was nicked by the Daily Mail, and they still haven’t paid me for it.

Aged celebs

Newspapers and magazines love to show how celebrities will look as they get older. Here are a few of my montages.

Chris Evans, for Sunday magazine.

Freddie Mercury, for Radio Times.

Prince William, for The Sun. No-one guessed he’d lose his hair so early.