Thousand word stories

check over here It occurred to me that people these days really don’t have time to read anything very long. A novel or two on holiday, and that’s about it. But what about bus journeys? Between tube stops?

best site These short stories each weigh in at exactly 1000 words. Short enough for anyone to read, no matter how busy their schedule. Yes, even you.

The Afterlife

get link Why are Princess Di, Michael Jackson and John Lennon all drinking in Humphrey Bogart’s bar?


OK, so my memory isn’t what it was. Especially after the accident. But I don’t remember ever having a wife.


You can get just about anything on demand these days. But sometimes those things can themselves be demanding.


Mathematicians love numbers. But what happens when that love turns into an obsession?

Time travel

Imagine what it would be like if a visitor came from the future. Think of the exciting things he could tell us!

When would you like to go today?

Suppose you could go anywhere in history. Where would you choose? And what would you do there?


It must be extraordinary to be able to fly like a bird, soaring through the sky on your wings. But there could be a downside.

The scene of the crime

There’s something unnerving about a motionless body…


First rule of fieldcraft: do your research. Especially important when you’re in hostile territory.


‘I stood on the pavement opposite Harrods, waiting for a break in the sheep.’ Is this the future for London?

How to bury a body

The hardest part is disposing of the remains.

The Pilcrow Club

What happens to people whose jobs become outdated? The Pilcrow Club is the answer.

The high street

Online purchases constantly nag us for reviews. Fortunately real life avoids all such irritations.



A short series of 1000 word stories with a common theme.

In the beginning

After all, this is where the whole thing starts. With a jigsaw puzzle.

The garden

All is peaceful in the garden. Until the arrival of a stranger, bent on shaking things up.

The survey

How many righteous people are needed to avert a disaster?


We’re going to build a spaceship. And we need two of everything. Well, almost everything.